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When Business Assets Are Part Of A Divorce

In any divorce, both spouses must account for their personal and shared assets and all identified assets must be accurately valued. While the balances of checking and savings accounts are easy to value and account for, valuation issues in divorce become much more complicated when a business is involved.

Whether you or a spouse has a stake in a family business or is the owner of a business, an accurate and impartial business valuation must be completed and taken into consideration when dividing assets. At The Law Office of John H. Graves, PLLC, we understand the high stakes that are involved when business assets are part of a divorce case and always respect and represent your best interests.

We take steps to obtain an accurate business valuation and leverage our knowledge and experience in both divorce and business matters to your advantage.

Business Valuations Are Complex

In any divorce matter involving a business valuation there are several questions that must be answered and examined that may affect your rights both to a business and business assets, including:

  • Were business assets co-mingled with personal or marital assets?
  • Was a spouse employed at the business?
  • What role did a spouse play in a business' growth?
  • What financial and personal sacrifices did a spouse make?
  • Does a prenuptial agreement exist?

In many cases, the answers to these questions are far more complex and nuanced than the involved parties may realize. Depending on your role, we tailor our approach to secure a favorable outcome and one that provides for your current and future financial security.

For a business owner, this often means finding creative solutions that protect a business and shield business assets from divorce-related actions. If your spouse owns a business, your related interest may be exchanged for a larger share of marital assets and property.

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